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Wojciech Polak

About Me

I am a software developer, working on a cutting-edge web applications on a daily basis and sometimes on the Free Software at night.


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The list of the free software projects I contribute(d) to:

  • GNU Anubis – an SMTP message submission daemon. It is an official GNU package and I am its principal developer.
  • GNU Mailutils – a suite of utilities for electronic mail. It is also an official GNU package. I have worked on various parts.
  • GNU Bison – a general-purpose parser generator. I created the XML Automaton Report, implemented, and wrote XSLTs.
  • GNU Dico – a modular DICT server. Added Python module, Dicoweb interface, and mediawiki.py.
  • gLifestream – a free lifestream platform and social activity reader.
  • WebXiangpianbu – a photo album organizer.
  • Time Tracker - a progressive web app (PWA) designed for efficient time tracking.
  • Cheetah News - a personal web-based news aggregator.
  • FOAF.Vix – a visualizer and relation explorer for FOAF files.
  • vcstreak – a tool which finds the longest streak of consecutive commit dates (Git, Hg, SVN).
  • IMM – a memory testing tool, designed as a wrapper around the standard libc memory allocation routines.
  • Fetchmail – a mail retrieval and forwarding utility. I wrote the ESMTP authentication code.
  • Beagle – a tool for indexing and searching your data. I wrote Lisp files handling and filter.

  • Small contributions / bug reports / hints include:
    GNU Tar, GNU SASL, gettext, GNU Robots, GNU Emacs, Texinfo, Mono, Tornado, pyRdfa.


I'm a former member of the Translation Project - Team PL

I translated the following programs into Polish:

  • bison
  • gawk
  • jwhois
  • parted
  • sed