[image] GDB 7.0 released

GDB 7.0, the GNU Debugger, is now available for download. There are many interesting improvements and bugfixes, but I find two new features worth a special mention. Those are "reverse debugging" and "Python scripting" support.

The first one allows to run programs backwards, written in any language supported by GDB. Of course this isn't a trivial task, since rewinding a program requires a lot of extra work on tracing variables, registers and other stuff and not every target environment can support that. GDB provides several new commands for reverse execution. Most are just counterparts of the original commands, but prefixed with the "reverse" keyword, e.g. reverse-continue, reverse-step, reverse-next, etc.

The latter feature allows for Python scripting with GDB by providing the gdb module in the Python code. This heavily extends GDB possibilities, from a simple pretty-printers, through custom GDB commands, to any Python code you can possibly imagine using GDB API. Someone even recently scripted a "gdb over irc" :-).