FOAF.Vix, first publicly introduced in August 2006, has been heavily improved in the last 4 months. FOAF.Vix is a robust visualizer and relation explorer for FOAF (Friend of a Friend) files. Its highlighted features are the following:

  • Standalone or customizable embedded web widget.
  • Additional JSON output support.
  • Localization (ca,de,el,en,eo,es,fr,ja,la,nb,pl,uk).
  • Autodiscovery support.
  • Microformats friendly (outputs hCard, hCalendar, adr, geo).
  • Extracts FOAF data from XHTML RDFa 1.0.
  • Nice-looking.
  • Simple and fast (uses 48h local caching).

In addition, the project's homepage has a new look: